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Darrel Reid
  • Darrel Reid, General Manager, Sustainable Development, Shell Canada

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Plenary Sessions
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Seizing Local and Regional Opportunities in a Global Economy
  • Patricia Mohr, Vice President, Scotia Bank
  • Nathan Elliott, President, InsightWest Research
  • Denis Gourde, Corporate Director, Regulatory and External Affairs, Agnico-Eagle
  • Sara Filbee, Assistant Deputy Minister, AANDC
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The Life Cycle of Major Projects: A Roadmap to Success
  • Stephen Lindley, Vice-President, SNC Lavalin
  • Brock Kaluznick, Group Lead Aboriginal Relations, Encana
  • Audrey Sam, Executive Director, North East Native Advancing Society (NENAS) and CEO of North East Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (NEASEP)
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Business Partnerships
  • André Benoit, First Nations of Quebec Forestry Network
  • Owen Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Unama'ki
  • Ben Voss, President and CEO, MLTC Resource Development Inc.
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Meeting the Human Resource Challenge
  • j’Amey Holroyd, Director of Apprenticeship and Education, Boilermakers Local
  • Deborah Munroe, Executive Director, Trade Winds to Success
  • Sheilagh Murphy, Director General, Social Policy and Programs, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)
  • Linden Pinay, Executive Director, Aboriginal Skills Group
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Forging International Business Partnerships
  • Jerry Lemmon, Team Lead, Centre of Excellence, Stakeholder Relations, Talisman Energy
  • Armand MacKenzie, Senior Director, Government and Stakeholders Relations, Tata Steel Minerals Canada
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Essentials for Business Development (Part 1)
  • Ted Anderson, Director, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing
  • Wanda Hunchak, Vice-President, Westcap Management Ltd
  • Wilson Neapew, Director, Aboriginal Financing, BDC
  • Rob Rollingson, General Manager, Indian Business Corporation
  • Tim Zehr, CEO, National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA)
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Essentials for Business Development (Part 2)
  • Stephen Crocker, Director, Aboriginal Relations, PTI Group Inc
  • Pablo Sobrino, Assistant Deputy Minister, PWGSC
  • Owen Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Unama'ki
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Aboriginal Business: Setting the Pace for Green and Renewable Energy
  • Christopher Henderson - President, Lumos Energy
  • Paul Kariya - Executive Director, Clean Energy BC
  • David Mackett, Whitesand First Nation
  • Craig Toset, Whitesand First Nation
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Sustainable Communities
  • Scott Rehmus, CEO, Coast Opportunity Funds
  • Chris Sankey, Human Resource Chair,Lax Kw’Alaams Band Council
  • Darrell Beaulieu, President and CEO, Denendeh Investments Incorporated
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Women's Series
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Aboriginal Women's Networking Breakfast
  • Michèle Taina Audette, President, Native Women's Association
  • Hilda Broomfield-Letemplier, Pressure Pipe Streel Fabrication Ltd
  • Dr. Ruth Williams, CEO, All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO)
  • Tracy O’Hearn, Executive Director, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
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Financial Literacy Pilot Project
  • Brittany Jones, Labour Market Development Youth Coordinator, NWAC
  • Andrea Aibens, Project Coordinator, NWAC
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Breakout Sessions
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Procurement Tools
  • Mark Freedman, Vendor Relations Coordinator, Manitoba Procurement Services
  • Isabelle Moroni, Marketing Communications Specialist, MERX
  • Dolores Coelho, Senior Program Officer, AANDC
  • Dennis Brunner, Senior Advisor, Treaties and Aboriginal Government, AANDC
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First Nations Land Management Regime
  • Chief Darcy Bear, Chief of Whitecap Dakota First Nation
  • Andrew Beynon, Director General, Community Opportunities Branch, AANDC
  • Chief Planes, T'Sou-ke Nation
  • Chief Robert Louie, Chair of the Lands Advisory Board and Chief of Westbank First Nation
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Public Policy Forum
  • Allan Clarke, Director General, AANDC
  • Julie Cafley, Vice-President, Public Policy Forum
  • Virginia Flood, Vice-President, Rio Tinto Canada
  • Harold Calla, Chairman, First Nations Financial Management Board
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Government/Industry Partnership: Statoil
  • Paul Wyminga, Director, Aboriginal Development Branch, Alberta Human Services
  • Andrew Loosley, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Statoil Canada
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A. Loosley: Presentation PDF
First Nation Business and Taxation: Strategies and Structures
  • Max Faille, Partner, National Leader, Aboriginal Law, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
  • Cam Cameron, Senior Associate, Business Law and Aboriginal Law Group at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
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C. Cameron: Presentation PDF
Land Tenure on Reserve
  • Leona Irons, National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA)
  • Mel Woolley, Land Strategies
  • Sheila Craig, Manager, Lands Team 2, AANDC
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M. Woolley: Presentation PDF
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Kelly Lendsay
  • Kelly J. Lendsay, President and CEO, AHRC
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